The Department Of Physical Education is aimed at improving and maintaining “Sound Mind in a Sound Body”, and it is striving to promote native talents and sensibilities to become well known to all. Currently, the department is heading by Mr. Vinod C Mudibasanagoudar.

The department has offered both Indoor and Outdoor facilities. It’s proud privilege to say that the history of our college it has excelled and contributed more than two hundred fifty university blues in various events like, Kabaddi, Volleyball, Cricket, Handball, Ball Badminton, Table Tennis and Badminton including in Athletics also. Further, to involve more number of students in sports activities Intra-mural activities are conducted in February & March in every year.

The Department also takes the responsibilities to protect, preserve and to promote active atmosphere it has organized special lecturers to inspire and encourage through important personalities of the field are invited as chief guest to mention few Dr. Pratap Singh Tiwari, Director of Physical Education GUG and Ms. Premalata Sureban, an International Cyclist etc. And many students participated in many games in university level.




“To Train the Students in order to maintain balance between Physical and Mental Trait through participation in Sports and Games and Physical Exercises”


  1. To Create Awareness of The Physical Education.
  2. To Overall Development of the Students.
  3. To Keep Body Fit And Mind Alert.
  4. To overcome Sense of Integrity and Team Spirit.
  5. To Creating Interest in the Gymkhana Activities to Keep Them Away From Bad Habits.

Sports Committee :

Chairperson : Dr. J.S Patil, Principal
Coordinator : Sri. Vinod C.M
Members : 1. Dr. Dayanand Salunke
: 2. Sri. Mahesh Biradar
: 3. Kum. Yamanoorappa .K
: 4. Kum. Rukmini Bangaligidad
  • The institution has both indoor and outdoor game facility for students for various sports events.

  • The institution has the Sports Advisory Committee to assist to the Physical director in the smooth conduct of the sports events and sports relates activities in the institution.

  • The sports Advisory committee held at least two meeting in an academic year. In the first meeting in the month of August the committee must chalk out the programme of various sports activities or events that are to be conducted in the institutional level.

  • Accordingly, the sports advisory committee assists to the Physical Director, either in the selection of teams or in the conducts of the sports events in the institution.

  • The Sports Advisory Committee assist to the Physical Director in the smooth conduct of Annual sports events and annual sports day, where in, the sports medals with certificates are distributed to the sports winners in the different sports events.

  • The sport Advisory committee also assists to the physical director in conducting university level or intercollegiate level meet in the college.

  • The sports related expenditure in the institution are made in consultation with the sports Advisory committee.

Duties :

  • To create zeal amongst students and faculty members towards sports.

  • To organize training, coaching and education in sports for everybody so that they can learn to keep themselves physically fit.

  • To enhance the interest of participants in the field of sports.

  • To achieve the goals we plan to organize various competitions in the following sports: football, cricket, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, chess, carom and badminton etc.

  • To promote every individuals’ health, physical well-being as well as the acquisition of physical skill among the students.

  • The committee aspires to inculcate qualities such as sportsmanship, team spirit and bonding.

  • It is designed to serve the interests of the student’s community in competitive sports and other recreational activities i.e. both indoor and outdoor.


Sl.No Name of the Student Year of Representation Game
1. Sharanagouda Patil 2014-15 Kho-Kho
2. Anand Choudki 2015-16 Cross Country
3. Sharanagouda Patil 2015-16 Wrestling
4. Ashwini Patil 2015-16 Volleyball
5. Hanamavva 2016-17 Cross Country
6. Parashuram Gugri 2016-17 Wrestling
7. Rajesh 2016-17 Judo
8. Ashwini 2016-17 Kabaddi
9. Parashuram Gugri 2016-17 Athletics
10. Kotresh 2017-18 Chess
11. Somu Hunagund 2017-18 Handball
12. R.Kumar 2017-18 Weight Lifting
13. Akshaya Kumar 2017-18 Volleyball
14. Hanumavva Swari 2018-19 Cross Country
15. Somu Hunagund 2018-19 Handball
16. Rukmini Bangaligidad 2018-19 Pencak Silat
17. Akshaya Kumar 2018-19 Volleyball


400 Meter Track and Field events Badminton (2 Courts)
Cricket Tennis
Volleyball Carom
Throwball Chess
Kho-Kho Yoga
Kabaddi Gymnasium (4 Stationed)
Ball Badminton

Reports :

Yoga Performance by Certificate Course in Yoga Studies Students in Annual Day
Inter-Collegiate Karate Competition - Gold Medal
Inter-Collegiate Chess Competition
Inter-Collegiate Cross Country Competition
Inter-Collegiate Kho-Kho Competition
Inter-Collegiate Volleyball Tournament
Annual Sports Kabaddi Tournament
Annual Sports Cricket Tournament
Annual Sports Day 2018-19
Kabaddi Tournament : 4th Jan 2018
Inter-Collegiate Ball Badminton
Inter-Collegiate Runner, Chess Competitions
Annual Sports Day 2017-18
Inter-Collegiate Sports
Annual Sports Day 2015-16