Title of the Practice :

1. Social Awareness Rally for development of Society

Objectives of the Practice :

The objective of the practice was to curb social evils of the region and to promote social health. It encourages the students and people to involve actively in the elimination of socio-economic and environmental problems such as mental illness, domestic violence, and death due to blood loss during parturition, accidental events, malnutrition etc. These rallies were the most powerful tools to create awareness in public sphere of Koppal, blood donation, problems caused by child marriage and importance of mental health to lead happy and peaceful life in the society.

  1. To curb social evils
  2. To create social awareness in public sphere.
  3. To educate the students and people to understand and address the social issues.
  4. To create a platform to help the needy.
  5. To protect and to stop the child marriage.

The institution identifies the socio-economic background of the region, where we find that Koppal is one of the districts among constitutionally privileged of five other districts under 371(J). The literary ratio is low, economic problems are more; malnutrition is at its height. Most of other people are conservative in their beliefs and practice, and poverty prevailed due to uncertain rain.

The Context :

The reason of choosing this practice is to curb the social evils, ignorance in tune with the institutional logo which states: “Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya” that means bringing light to vanish the darkness. Koppal region is a place where ignorance, illiteracy, poverty, prevails due to various socio-economic reasons. The practice of child marriage caused many deaths. Hence, IQAC and ISRC have prepared the plan of action to relegate the same in the form of social awareness rallies with the collaboration of Shri Gavimath Mahajatra and along with local education institutes, NGOs and Government bodies like District Administration of Koppal, UNICEF and etc.

The Practice :

The social awareness rallies were practiced under the Institutional Social Responsibility Cell ISRC and in association with Samsthana Sri Gavimath, Koppal during its annual Jatra mahostava, wherein more than lakhs of peoples were used to gather during this event not only from Koppal but also from the many districts of Karnataka. It is possible for us to make aware the mass of devotes of Gavimath and it is influences a lot to the people because of His Holiness Sri Gavisiddeshwar mahaswamiji, who is the sole trustee of institute. Every year in the month of December or January rally is conducted with the name JATHA. In this programme, we are going to invite all the school and college students of Koppal to participate and make this as a mega event. In this rally more than 15,000 students will participate including our college students. After the rally in the main streets of Koppal, special lecture program is organized based on the selected theme of Jatha by inviting the eminent personalities in the selected title of the rally. In this mega event different NGO’s and Social organizations were also participated themselves to make aware the people on various social issues. During the last five year the rallies were organised with the following titles:

  1. Save Life by Blood Donation
  2. Prevent Child Marriage and Promote Society Health
  3. Sound Mind in Sound Body
  4. Jala Deeksha (Water conservation movement)
  5. Krupa Drushti (Importance of Eye donation)

Evidence of Success :

This awareness rally program has brought lots of positive activities, initiatives, responses and success. The first rally on blood donation created awareness of importance of blood and due to this blood bank was established in the Koppal city. Through Red Cross, unit regular blood donation camps were organized in association with NCC wing, YRC and Ayurvedic College, Koppal. At every blood donation camp 336-939 units of blood were collected. As per the records death rate decreased because of blood loss in the district and it is confirmed by the Red Cross unit, Koppal. Second rally on prevention of child marriage has brought tremendous change in the Koppal districts and it informed by the District child protection unit, UNICEF child protection programme Koppal. This rally reduced the child marriage ratio from 12% to 5%. Third event is sound mind in sound body, created awareness among the people of Koppal and it was confirmed by devotes responses at Gavimath. The fourth rally Jala Deekshan created lots of awareness among the peoples of Koppal district to conserve natural resource water, which is scanty due to shortfall of rain. And many small water reservoirs were rejuvenated for example the Hirehalla project was started to protect water reservoir nearby Koppal. In the Krupa drushti awareness rally many people registered to donate eye after their death and for the same certificate were issued by the authority to collect the eyes from the people.

To implement these practices successfully ISRC in collaboration with Shri Gavimath and District Administration, other NGO and associations played a significance role.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required :

The rally is a most important way to address many Personal, social and environmental problems. The most important problem encountered through the rally is child marriage rate gradually decreased from the day of JATHA and more number of activities need to be counted to completely eliminate the social evil by the joint venture of NGO’s and Governmental institutes. Lack of proper education and guidance to the village peoples is the fundamental problem. To eliminate this, more number of programs needs to be organised by the institutes involved in the social developmental activities to provide the basic education and awareness of various problems caused due to blind practices existing and followed by the peoples of rural background.

  1. People didn’t know their own blood group, preservation, District Red Cross unit came to help and made it easier process to be a successful one.
  2. The traditional, religious, illiterate and lack of gender equity mindset opposed the rally.
  3. The negligence of people towards the use of water.
  4. People were afraid, many parents were opposed their children to register their names to donate; even they are major and matured seen it as a social stigma.

Notes (Optional) :

This is the best way to eliminate the social problems which are hindrance to the personal and society development. Institutes of higher education of Karnataka as well as India can adopt this kind of best practice with minimum efforts to aware the peoples and the problems suffered by them during their everyday life activities.

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Krupa Drushti - Eye Donation Awareness Rally - 2018-19
Jala Deeksha - Water Conservation Awareness Rally - 2017-18
Shashakta Mana Santrupti Jeevana - Healthy Mind Healthy Life Awareness Rally - 2016-17
Balya Vivaha Tade - Prevention of Child Marriage Awareness Rally - 2015-16
Blood Donation Awareness Rally - 2014-15

Title of the Practice :

2. Green Practice

Objectives of the Practice :

Environmental pollution is one of the key challenges that facing around globe. Due to global warming we are facing so many health related problems. To reducing global warming is every one’s responsibility. College plays an important role in creating environmental awareness amongst the future generation. The Eco-club of the College has a green agenda in creating awareness in maintaining an eco-friendly campus. College believes that in order for the students to excel academically, they must breathe in a secure and safe air. Besides, our students are regularly imparted lessons on the ethics of environmental preservation and to understand the needs and responsibility towards the goal of our Green Practice that helps in the protection of natural environment.

The Context :

In this context our institution through Eco-club, NSS and NCC unit institution is distinctively identified, especially in creating “Environment Awareness and Protection” - which is the outside purview of our vision, priority and thrust. The institution is doing its sincere efforts having concern to the ‘green growth’, is the sustainable way of growth and development of all living being.

In the task of systematic way making our campus green, the Trust management is regularly seeking the consultation and technical advice from experts along with the action plan from our Eco-club. The task of making our campus systematically greenery was successfully initiated by the imagination, regular observation and direction of Sole Trustee His Holiness Shree Gavisiddheshwar Mahaswamiji, Gavimath, Koppal and continuous regular visits and directions of experts and also from our students, The Eco-club and NSS volunteers also join their hands making our campus green and clean. As a result, our campus is attracted by lots of greenery with having different variety of tress in the open space and numbers of show plants, flower plants, lawns are developed.

The Practice :

The educational institutions play an eminent role in solving environmental challenges. In this challenging task our students, staff and teachers actively participated in the green practices. The college executed various measures taken under the Green Initiatives both inside and outside campus are as follows:

Evidence of Success :

As a result, our campus is attracted by the greenery with different variety of tress in the open space and number of show plants, flower plants, lawns is developed. For pedestrian friendly, the decorated pavers are installed in the campus and inside college garden, which is added attraction to our green campus. Students feel the aesthetic sense of look about the college campus, which is the conducive atmosphere for the academic activities in our institution.

To maintaining the green practice, our staffs and students have become a part of the green campus campaign. This paved a way in decreasing environmental issues in campus to an extent.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required :

There were some barriers in executing green practices. It was a tedious task in banning plastic completely in the campus. Maintenance of solar panel and using cloth posters are very expensive.

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Bharata Ratna Sri. C.N.R Rao, Scientist, Bengaluru
Freedom Fighter Sri. H.S Doreswamy, Bengaluru
Padmashree Awardee Smt. Sukrajji Bommegouda
Sri. Gururaj Karajagi, Academician & Motivational Speaker
Sole Trustee H.H. Sri Gavisiddeshwar Mahaswamiji, Sri Gavimath Samsthana, Koppal
Sri. Sanganna Karadi, Member of Parliament. Koppal
Smt. Kanagavalli, District Commission, Koppal
Involvement of Students in preparation of saplings (seed bags)
Distribution of Saplings (Plants) to the Students
Plantation by Sri Sreenivas, District Judge, Koppal
Stage Decoration at Sri Gavisiddeshwar Jathra Mahotsava
Celebration of Environmental Day
Tree Plantation at Rudra Bhoomi (Grave Yard) at Koppal
College Campus Cleaning by Staff Members
Green Campus of the College