JEEVANA DARSHANA PROGRAMME: A unique Programme relating to the Personality Development of Students.

The overall development of studentís personality is the motto of our institution and adhering to this motto, all efforts and initiatives have been taken under the Jeevan Darshan programme. Our institution is intended to develop the studentís personality by organising motivational and inspiring speeches from eminent resources persons of different fields.

It is through these motivational speeches institution tries to inculcate the qualities like self confidence, competitive spirit, communal harmony, moral and human values, reality situations in life and the qualities need to practice to become a good citizens.

Our institution is committed to studentís centric policies and practices. This programme is designed and implementing in the context of our college Logo- statement which says - Tamasoma Jyotirgamya. Its meaning is to eradicate the darkness, ignorance and illiteracy of this region through means of the education. It is through the process of higher education; a studentís personality can best moulded and shaped in a right perspective.

The institution has imbibed the qualities of right combination of value education and personality development of our students through academic, co-curricular and extension activities. The aim of this programme is to make our students more enlightened about the practical life situations.

The unique program on Jeevan Darshan programme is regularly organising in the open open platform, in front of the college Library building by the motivational speakers. The one hour distinctive speeches delivered by the eminent resource persons is attended by our college students, staff, some of the alumini, parents and media persons, who are very much appreciated by this practice.

After concluding motivational speakers from the eminent person, a student interaction with chief guests and resource persons were also arranged in the college seminar hall, where our students can toss their doubts, questions, which came across during their speeches. Such students interactions with the invitees, further helps them to overcome from the wrong or miss conception and guide them to move in a right path in the real life situation.

The brain child of this programme is our sole Trustee of our Institution. His Holiness Shree Gavisiddheshwar Mahaswamiji, Sri Gavimath, Koppal. And S.G.V.V.T management is generous organizing such motivational speeches under the unique program of Jeevan Darshan intending towards the development of the studentís personality.


Jeevana Darshana Programme : Sri Shankar Bellubbi, Assistant Commissioner, Commercial Tax Department -
13th September 2019
Jeevana Darshana Program by Dr. Nagatihalli Jayaprakash - 7th August 2019
Jeevana Darshana Programme by Sri. Nanjundaswami, IGP, Ballari - 17th July 2019
Jeevan Darshan Programme by Raghavendra, Motivator, Balehonnur Dist: Chikkamangalore - 26th September 2018
Jeevan Darshana Programme by Sri T.Vishwanath, Motivator & Handwriting Expert, Ballari - 18th July 2018
Jeevan Darshan Programme by Dr.Rajashekhar Patil, Principal, Govt PU College, Bhagyanagar - 19th December 2017
Jeevana Darshana Programme by Dr.Chandrashekhar, Psychologist - 24th October 2017
Jeevana Darshana Programme by Dr. Gururaj Karjagi, Educationist, Bengalore - 14th September 2017
Jeevana Darshana Programme - Captan C.S.Anand, Motivator & Softskill Trainer, Dharwad - 3rd August 2017
Jeevana Darshan Programme - Sri Shankar Bidari, Rtd IGP & DGP - 19th October 2016
Jeevana Darshan Programme - Dr. Gururaj Karjagi, Educationist - 23rd September 2016
Jeevana Darshan Programme - Dr. Basavaraj Patil Sedam, Member of Rajya Sabha - 12th September 2016
Jeevana Darshana Programme - Sri. Y.S.V Datta, MLA, Kadur on 3rd September 2016
Jeevana Darshana Programme - Sri. Mahesh Mashal, Chairman, ADEPT, Dharwad on 4th August 2016
Jeevana Darshana Programme - Sri. D.H. Shankaramurthy, Chairman, Vidhana Parishant, Karnataka on 15th October 2015
Jeevana Darshana Programme - Dr. Shankar Bidari, Rtd DG IGP, Karnataka on 27th July 2015
Jeevana Darshana Programme - Sri Shankaragouda Biradar, Convenor, SVA, Tumkur on 7th February 2015
Jeevana Darshana Programme - Sri Nirbhayananda Swamiji, Ramakrishna Ashrama, Gadag on 3rd October 2014
Jeevana Darshana Programme - Sri Hire Magaluru Kannan, Kannada Orator on 9th September 2014
Jeevana Darshana Programme - Sri Basavaraj Patil Sedam, Rajya Sabha Member on 8th August 2014