18. Feedback / Appraisal Committee (Yathavat) :

The general observations of students on teachers:

  • Majority of students expressed their satisfaction on the timely engagement of classes, preparation by the staff concerned, contents of lecturing, clarity of doubts.

  • The overall studentís opinion regarding the conduct of tests, assignments, completion of syllabus, availability of course materials is found satisfactory.

  • Regarding teachers, punctuality, method of teaching and integrating course materials in making the subject interest and relevance : 44% of students have expressed the excellent opinion, 25% of students have expressed very good, 20% have expressed the satisfactorily good, 8% of students expressed satisfactory, 3% average opinion about their teachers.

  • The grading of students on their teachers reveal the fact that staff is accessible and responsive outside the classroom.

  • Many staff members are voluntarily inclined towards the needful guidance and timely oriented by the concerned authority.

  • The feedback Appraisal committee also collected the studentís feedback on course.

  • Based on the studentís feedback analysis report, the principal has sent a letter to the concerned university department and asking them to make necessary changes to be incorporated while revising syllabus of the concerned subjects.

  • The institution also obtains the feedback from the parents and Alumni regarding developments of the infrastructure. And accordingly, the management has undertaken several the developmental activities and provided with the better infrastructure facilities and quality teaching.

Composition of Feedback/Appraisal Committee:

Chairperson : Dr. Channabasava .A, Principal
Coordinator : Mr. Sharanappa .C
Members : 1. Dr. Karibasaveshwara .B
: 2. Dr. Sundar Mety
: 3. Dr. Sheshikanth Ummapure

Duties :

  • To provide students with the opportunity to comment on the quality of their learning experiences, as required in preparation for and as a part of review processes.

  • To assess the success of acadmic provision in relation to the expectations of students.

  • To provide feedback to lecturers in order to improve delivery and/or content of the study unit.

  • To identify obstacles in attaining learning objectives and outcomes of particular course.

  • To identify and document short and long term goals of academic and administrative staff (appraisee); including any developmental needs.

  • To provide opportunities for sustainable development based on a positive and constructive approach that helps to plan the activities of academic and administrative staff members.

  • To identify specific objectives associated with specific tasks that are agreed upon for a specific period.

  • To help focus on the allocation of staff development resources.

  • To assist in building bridges between academic and administrative staff work on one hand, and the department, college and Government objectives on the other.

  • To provide opportunities for discussion and feedback in order to identify problems, obstacles, or difficulties that hinder progress and institution development.

  • To ensure continuous performance evaluation based on fair criteria.

  • To provide records of activities and achievements of academic and administrative staff.

  • The appraisal process is intended to promote professional development.

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