20. Parent Teacher Association :

Composition of Parent Teacher Association :

Chairperson : Dr. Channabasava .A, Principal
Coordinator : Dr. Basawaraj Pujar
Mr. Praveen Hadimani
Members : 1. Dr. Dayanand Salunke
: 2. Mr. Sharanabasappa Biliyali
: 3. Kum. P. Sangeeta
: 4. Kum. Rushab

Duties :

  • To conduct Parent Teacher Meet every year.

  • To receive and attend to parents / guardians in the College.

  • To inform about the low attendance or poor Marks of the students, if any, to the concerned Parents.

  • To hold at least Two General Body Meetings to discuss issues regarding Students.

  • To file and submit the records to the IQAC Committee.